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Hand & Wrist Pain Colorado Injury + Pain Specialists

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Hand & Wrist Pain

Wrist and hand injuries are usually either sudden onset caused by a traumatic fall or twisting, or they are gradual onset overuse injuries or repetitive strain injuries. Wrist pain that comes on gradually is often referred to as repetitive strain injury or RSI. It usually involves inflammation or degeneration of the tendons in the wrist.

The most common cause of thumb and finger pain is damaged or inflamed ligaments and tendons due to accident, sports injury or overuse.

Some Common Symptoms  

  • Swelling and or Bruising
  • Symptoms worst at night
  • Pain radiates into the thumb and four fingers
  • Tingling/numbness/burning sensations
  • Difficulty gripping
  • Reduced movement in the wrist
  • Numbness in the little finger/ring finger
  • Pain in the finger
  • Pain bending the finger
  • Pain in the hand

Getting a Diagnosis for your Hand & Wrist Pain
If you have tingling, numbness, or pain in your hand or wrist, see a doctor. He or she will take your medical history, examine you, and possibly perform tests. These may include X-rays, imaging scans, or blood tests. After the examination the pain management doctors and pain management professionals at CIPAIN will clearly explain to you the condition, possible sources of your pain and which pain treatment will help elevate your pain along with possible course of action and next steps.

Our Doctor will help determine the best course of action to help you with your hand or wrist pain.


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