Cancer Pain

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Cancer Pain Management for Patients and Survivors

Cancer-related pain is commonly experienced by individuals with aggressive cancers, recurrence of cancer, or cancer that has spread. Cancer-related pain varies highly depending on the individual and the location and can be categorized as dull, achy or sharp. It could be constant or intermittent and may require a comprehensive program of therapies and procedures to achieve some level of functionality and comfort. An intrathecal pain medication delivery system may be the most appropriate course of treatment for patients experiencing pain as a result of cancer.

The Causes of Cancer Pain

Cancer pain can be directly related to the location of the cancer and the resulting tissue damage. Pain can also be related to cancer growth, such as in the case of a tumor that may be putting pressure on surrounding nerves, organs, bones, and tissues that had not been there prior.

Cancer pain can also be related to the specific treatments utilized in treating and combating cancer, such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

Treating cancer pain

After careful examination and testing, your pain physician at the Colorado Injury and Pain Specialists will determine the best course of action to help alleviate you cancer-related pain. Cancer pain is commonly treated with an intrathecal drug delivery system. The physician may also suggest a series of minimally invasive procedures to help alleviate some of the pain and discomfort.

Intrathecal Pain Medication Delivery System

Colorado Injury and Pain Specialists typically utilize Medtronic’s intrathecal pain medication delivery system in our patients with chronic pain related to cancer.

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