Medication Management

Colorado Injury + Pain Specialists

Colorado Injury and Pain Specialists takes great effort to make sure all our patients have access to pain management resources that can help them, including pain medication. Prescriptions are closely monitored and potentially addictive medications are accompanied by supervision and regular drug screening.

Medication is one of the most frequently utilized ways to reduce and manage chronic pain. When used appropriately, under the supervision of a pain management doctor, these medications can be an important tool in helping control pain levels. Medication is only part of the battle, and is most effective when combined with physical therapy, diet and exercise, and other pain management treatments.

The use of medication to alleviate your chronic pain symptoms is concerned with reducing how much pain you have and how often it occurs. If your physician recommends medication management to help you cope with your pain, he or she will clearly discuss all potential risks and benefits before prescribing. Patients are also instructed on the expectations for such medication, and their role as patients in the practice.

All medications have potential side effects and drug interactions. Important information to discuss when being prescribed medication include:

  • All allergies
  • Current medications
  • Your personal medical history
  • Family’s medical history
  • Any previous issues with medications in the past

The physicians at CIPS will go over any risks and your responsibilities for medication if you are given a prescription. We take medication management and abuse seriously, and want to ensure the medications that are being prescribed are not being misused.

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