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Patients and Visitors:

As of 3/19/2020, Colorado Injury and Pain Specialists will remain open and working in complete compliance with all CDC Guidelines and WHO Guidelines to ensure healthy operation. Each patient will undergo a risk assessment screening upon appointment and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis in regards to their plan of care.

For patient convenience and safety, we will provide the option for a Telemedicine E-Visit. This service line is to ensure patients are cared for safely while managing their chronic pain conditions to the best of our ability.  In addition, our mental health providers will be available for patients who experience an increase in stress and anxiety via telemedicine as well.

COVID-19 Operating Protocols

To ensure a healthy operation, we have increased our cleaning process at all locations throughout the day. We have staff cleaning and sanitizing common spaces such as waiting rooms, exam rooms, and restrooms hourly. Our staff has been trained to pay special attention to common utilities such as door handles, light switches, keyboards, desktops, chairs, pens and hand railings for further prevention. Hand sanitizer is readily available for patients and employees throughout our facility as well.

We will be monitoring the temperature of all employees, patients, and visitors to ensure that no one has a fever or symptoms upon arrival. If any employee, patient or visitor has a scan temperature higher than 99.4° F, they will be asked to leave and to only return after a two-week quarantine to ensure improved health.

All employees, patients, and visitors are required to wear a mask at all times.

Patients will be screened for risk assessment on a case-by-case basis upon appointment. The following criteria will be rescheduled for a later date or scheduled via Telemedicine.

  • Any patient 65 or older with chronic illness consisting of COPD, severe asthma, diabetes, Home O2, immune compromise, CPAP machine, CHF, or another significant comorbidity.
  • Patients from nursing homes or assisted living facilities.  
  • 65 and younger if they have COPD, severe asthma, diabetes, Home O2, immune compromise, CPAP machine, CHF, cancer or another significant comorbidity.
  •  Any patient that has a pain scale between 7-10 can be seen at providers discretion. 1-6 will be asked to reschedule.

Any patient that does not fall in the above category will be seen at the providers discretion and will be carefully evaluated as to their plan of care moving forward.

In addition, we ask that all visitors provide their cell phone number to the front desk and return to their vehicle. The visitor/driver will receive a phone call when the patient is ready to be picked up proceeding their appointment. This is a precautionary measure in order to limit the amount of people in the waiting rooms. 

How COVID-19 spreads

Ways to Avoid COVID-19

Symptoms of COVID-19

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to develop, all of our lives will undoubtedly be affected. In time of crisis, Colorado Injury and Pain Specialists understand our role as healthcare professionals is to educate the community based on knowledge, prevention, and discipline in order to practice efficiently and responsibly for our patients.

We appreciate your cooperation, loyalty, and trust during this challenging period. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call our CUSTOMER CARE LINE at (970) 312-5105. For more daily updates regarding our practice, protocols, and the Coronavirus (COVID-19), visit our Facebook Page Here!


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