Procedures for Pain Management

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Procedures for Pain Management

When treatments such as physical therapy and massage are incapable of helping manage a patient’s pain effectively, an injection or procedure may be necessary to help provide an adequate level of pain relief. Often, these treatments are used in conjunction with other pain management modalities, like physical therapy and massage therapy, to provide maximum relief for the longest period of time.

Minimally Invasive Pain Management Procedures

Colorado Injury and Pain Specialists offers a wide variety of minimally invasive procedures designed to reduce pain and improve function in our patients. Some common treatments include:

Surgical Procedures for Pain Management

In addition to the above treatments, new technology and advances in medicine have provided new minimally invasive pain management tools. These implants are much safer and more effective than traditional open spinal surgery, and provide lasting pain management relief with very little downside or recovery time.

New technology and more effective procedures are being developed daily to help reduce patient’s pain and their reliance on opioids and other prescription pain drugs. CIPS has been an early adopter of several new advances in pain management and treatment, and provides the highest quality and most advanced treatments available.

For more information about possible pain management treatments, please visit our patient education section.