Colorado Injury + Pain Specialists

We strive to put our patients’ needs first and foremost, and understand how difficult and debilitating dealing with chronic pain can be. Read below some of the amazing stories people have shared about their battle against chronic pain, and the part that CIPS played in helping them get back to the life and activities they love to do.

The staff are wonderful, caring and helpful. The remarkable difference in my husband’s life is a nothing short of a miracle. To go from a pain level of 9-10 for the last 10 years to a 3-4. I only hope they know what a difference in quality of life they have given us. Thank you to the whole team.

— Jamie O.

CIPS really listened to me last year and never treated me like a med-seeker when I went to see him for assistance with tapering off of opiates. They provided gentle, yet firm coaching when I was scared to bear the excruciating pain while tapering, and provided me with access to support as I went through the withdrawals.

I’m so grateful that I went to CO Injury and Pain Specialists, as their style of working with me helped me with the fear of the pain and still get off opiates/opioids. 11 months later and still off! I can’t say enough for how much this clinic has helped to shape my life.

— Shawn S.

I am grateful these wonderfully trained doctors and nurses were there when I needed them. I came in a crippled old woman! But on Friday signed up for my first Tai Chi class… because I COULD! Everyone there from the front to the back, treated me with respect and humor and listened to me as I tried to communicate to them what was wrong and how close I was to giving up. I found out that was not an option for them or for me! No one can really know how much I care for them all for giving me my life back…one I can actively share with my grandchild and all my family! Thank you for all you do!

— LaDonna S.

Started coming here 5 years ago after my car wreck. The team of doctors here got my back & nerve pain under control with a series of RFA procedures. Now, 5 years later I’m coming back with mild pain & they already know what to do to bring me relief. Love this place & staff. Great people make the procedures easier. I recommend this place to all my friends & family.

— Matthew S.

I’ve had lower back problems for 20 years, this year it became much worse. CIPAIN performed a minor surgery to place spacers in between the vertebrae to release the pressure off the nerves. I couldn’t do my daily activities without pain. Now I can, even when there’s a small amount of pain. The staff is efficient and caring, the doctors are top notch. I would recommend them.

— Bonnie G.

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